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Gemstone Fileout

Library to file out VisualWorks pundles in Gemstone Topaz input format.

Load the bundle {Gemstone Fileout Project} from the public store. This is the machinery doing the fileout. The specification of what gets filed out and how is contained in project specific packages. Currently there is only one, the reason for this project: [Gemstone Fileout PDFtalk]. Load this package as well to study it's use.

The central class is GemstoneFileout.Writer coordinating the fileout. An instance is created with 4 arguments:

	pundles: arrayOfPundles
	symbolDictionary: symbolDictName
	prerequisites: arrayOfPrerequisiteSymbolDicts
	packageChanges: orderedDictionaryOfPackageChages

A writer has a number of packages or bundles which are filed out in order into one file. It has the name (a Symbol) of the symbol dictionary in Gemstone to load the code into. Also a list of required symbol dictionary names can be specified. Finally, and most importantly, the code change definitions are given as PackageChange values per package.

The picture shows the structure of the produced Gemstone input file:

Gemstone file structure

(more explanation to come)

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